About face: An update

I am delighted to announce that Dr Victoria Hoyle will be joining Dr Stef Eastoe as a PDRA on my UKRI FLF project “About Face: the affective and cultural history of Face transplants.”

Stay tuned for some exciting developments taking place in the next month, including new clinical partners, the first Advisory Board meeting in September and a project launch event in October.

About Face will explore the psychological and cultural meanings of face transplants as well as the broader histories and ethics of disfigurement and surgery - and the meanings of the face in 21st-century culture. We will be asking a LOT of questions, like:

What does disfigurement mean mean to you?

Is your identity in your face?

Would you give away the face of a loved one?

What are the ethical limitations of innovative surgery?

How do concepts of gender, ethnicity, beauty and culture Influence the “value” of a face?

What makes a face, a face?

Our social media and website will be up and running in the next month and I can’t wait to share what’s happening and ways you might like to get involved.

Face perception at the University of Iowa (2011)

Face perception at the University of Iowa (2011)